Custom Antibody Services

ProMab is proud to announce promotions in a number of our custom antibody services as listed below.

Mouse Custom Monoclonal Antibody

We offer custom monoclonal antibodies standard service for a promotional price of $3900, as a primary hybridoma developer with ISO9000 facilities. We have completed over 3000 projects.

ProMab’s specialty is our custom monoclonal antibody (custom mAb), and hybridoma development service. We offer both mouse and rat hybridoma development services for producing custom monoclonal antibodies. There are many features included in our three-phase monoclonal antibody service:

  • Free peptide designing
  • Immunization of 5 balb/c mice
  • ELISA evaluation of titer
  • Free Western blot screening for protein antigen
  • Fusion of spleen cell with sp2/0
  • Antibody screening of supernatant by ELISA
  • Send 10 supernatants to customer for evaluation
  • Free Western blot screening for protein antigen
  • Guaranteed IgG isotype
  • Optional scrrening: IFA, FC, WB, IHC
  • Subcloning, isotyping, & expansion of 2 cones of 10 selected by customer using limiting dilution

Additionally, ProMab offers additional services including peptide synthesis, ascites production, antibody purification, and screening. See custom monoclonal antibody services for specific diagrams.

Rat Custom Monoclonal Antibody

While the majority of monoclonal antibodies will be mouse in origin, there are certain scenarios where the mouse would not be the best host species for antibody generation. This would most commonly occur if an antibody is required to a mouse protein target, in which case the immunizing antigen would be injected into a rat host. A second, but rare occasion where a rat host may be required would be in the event of no antibody titer being generated to an immunizing antigen in a mouse host. If this does occur it will occur more frequently when the immunizing antigen is a peptide (usually under 25 amino acids in length), but whether the immunogen is a peptide or protein, the lack of an effective peptide is often solved by immunizing a rat host instead of the original mouse.

The amount of required protein or peptide antigen will increase slightly, but certainly not prohibitively so, and the immunization schedule for a rat host will be identical to that used for mouse immunizations as shown above.

Custom Polyclonal Antibody

ProMab provides you with an expert team of scientists, and project managers to provide only the highest-quality polyclonal antibody production services. Our polyclonal development service highlights include:

Free peptide designing
Production bleeds
Protein A purification
Affinity purification
Novel epitope recognition

For complete breakdown of standard polyclonal antibody production service by phase, see our custom polyclonal antibody production page.

Human Custom Antibody

ProMab offers humanized antibodies from non-human species whose protein sequences have been modified to increase their similarity to antibody variants produced naturally in humans. There are many features included in our human custom antibody generation service:

Fab library panning against provided antigen
ELISA screening of Fab expressed in E.coli against antigen
Sequencing of selected positive clones
Heave and light chain cloning into mammalian expression vector
Transient transfection of HEK293 with recombinant plasmids
ELISA and western blot confirmation of HEK293 supernatant containing human antibodies
Delivery of clone sequences of five positive clones via email message

Hybridoma Sequencing

ProMab provides high-quality sequencing services. Starting from a hybridoma cell line, we offer the following services:

Validation of the hybridoma cell line in terms of antibody production, antibody isotyping and antigen-binding specificity;
RNA extraction and reverse transcription;
scFv sequencing by PCR amplification and subcloning of the variable domains;
Full antibody sequencing by subcloning both variable and constant domains.

See our hybridoma sequencing service page for additional information and pricing.

ProMab Biotechnologies develops and commercializes recombinant proteins and custom monoclonal antibodies through the integration of bioinformatics, gene cloning, protein expression and purification, and immunology, using novel high-throughput technologies. We offer a large range of products and services including a database of monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, cancer stem cells, and custom antibody services such as custom monoclonal antibodies and protein expression services.

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